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2018      Stawkowski, Magdalena. “Life on an Atomic Collective: The Post-Soviet Retreat of the State in Rural Kazakhstan.” Études        

                Rurales. (forthcoming).


2017      Stawkowski, Magdalena. “Radiophobia Had to Be Reinvented.” Culture, Theory and Critique. 58(4):357-374.


2017      Stawkowski, Magdalena. “Everyday Radioactive Goods? Economic Development at Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan.” The Journal of

                Asian Studies. 76(2):423-436.


2016      Stawkowski, Magdalena. “I am a Radioactive Mutant”: Emerging Biological Subjectivities at the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test        

                 Site.”  American Ethnologist. 43(1):144-157.  Winner of the 2017 Soyuz article prize, recognizing outstanding article

                 in post socialist studies by junior scholar.


2016      Stawkowski, Magdalena. “The Continuing Danger of Semipalatinsk.” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. October 6. Online:                  


2015      Goldstein, Donna and Magdalena Stawkowski.  “James V. Neel and Yuri E. Dubrova: Cold War Debates and the Genetic Effects                    of Low-Dose Radiation.” Journal of the History of Biology. 48(1):67-98.

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